Let us help you

Ack! You’ve finished the puzzle and can't find that last piece! Every serious puzzler has this happen on occasion. First check your elbows and clothing to see if the errant piece managed to get stuck. Next check the floor as pieces like to hop down there when you’re not looking. Lastly, give the stink eye to your younglings and pets, as they get pretty curious around puzzles. If none of these solutions turn up that missing piece, and you’re sure that it wasn’t present in the sealed bag, let us know.

We need a puzzle name, piece count, and an image of the completed puzzle with the missing piece space clearly visible. Also, include the printing of the puzzle which can be found on the back of the puzzle.

If we have a replacement piece we’ll send it out to you via the postal service. If we don’t have replacement pieces for that puzzle, we’ll send you a fresh bag of puzzle pieces.

Replacement pieces may have a slightly shifted image due to the manufacturing process, which may be noticeable with careful scrutiny. Each print run can vary significantly so making sure we have the correct printing will reduce the variance in the image.

If your puzzle is out of stock at our facility, we may instead send you a similar puzzle.

You can contact us or email us at support@mchezo.com