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'Mchezo' Logo

Right from the start you may be wondering "what does Mchezo mean?"

To me, it means a lot.

Mchezo is the Swahili word for "game" or "to play." As the child of Missionaries, I spent most of my youth in East Africa. The experience shaped my worldview. As different as our varied cultures on earth can be, there is something that unites us. We all - men and women, adults and children - love to play . It engages our minds and frees our spirits from the concerns of the everyday world.

Jigsaw puzzles are especially good to train the young to feel united. A jigsaw isn't a competition. It's a complicated task that you can enjoy with your family or friends and do together and play together to cooperate and win the prize of finishing and seeing the beautiful completed artwork.

I hope you will love the play even more than the final product.

Jon Huston
Founder, Mchezo Puzzle Company

'Depot Street' Brand

Depot Street puzzles are thoughtfully designed to convey time-honored values , a sentimental longing for the past, and the unique experience of small-town life in America. These original images, created by our exclusive artists and photographers, are carefully selected and reproduced to ensure a pleasant puzzle experience for everyone!

'Oodles Puzzles' Brand

Oodles brand of jigsaw puzzles express the boundless beauty and creativity of our world with collections of images, ideas and concepts. Enjoy our growing selection of fun, relaxing and engaging puzzles, designed with a passion for an abundance of detail, and an appreciation for a variety of artistic styles and cultures.