The Distinctive Depot Street Look

Trent Knuckles has been with us from the very beginning, and has done a great job of procuring unique images for Mchezo's Depot Street collection of puzzles. Trent is in tune with our local community and found two great local artists to start the Depot Street brand.

His first stop was with his friend Jim Begley, a retired train engineer and one of Kentucky's foremost photographers, who has been making a name for himself in the HDR (High Dynamic Range) images field. We met with Jim, and after looking at his catalog of images, we fell in love with several of them! Jim has the most Mchezo puzzles, and more are coming

The first image we chose was Sidewalk Treasures, an image of a local antique store here in Corbin, KY.

The distinctive colors really made this image an easy choice for our first Depot Street puzzle. At the same time we also fell in love Country Store at Night. The fascinating bit about this image, is that the original was done in broad daylight! Jim then edited the photo with his amazing skills to produce the final image:

My favorite Jim puzzle, so far, is Ghost Town General Store. This was taken in Bodie, CA, at a historical site. The desert east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range has always been one of my favorite areas to visit. Seeing remnants of old mining towns, and imagining the hard life these intrepid settlers and miners faced is very inspiring.

This puzzle is so cool, building the wall of jars, bottles and cans from the distant past was relaxing and informative!

I look forward to seeing more of Jim’s images in the future. I love his work, in fact one of his images graces my computer desktop!

Next time, we’ll talk about other projects Trent has worked on for Mchezo.

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