Pepper Gasoline's

We are proud that our Depot Street line of puzzles highlights the talents of Kentucky photographers and artists. All the images used in our Depot Street Collection come with a story, and have rich history. "Country Store at Night" is a perfect example. The "store" featured in the puzzle is a real place, located northwest of Nashville, Tenn. The cleverly altered photograph used for the puzzle was actually taken during daytime hours! The photographer, Corbin's Jim Begley, learned about this off-the-beaten path location from country music legend Ricky Skaggs, who you can see in one of these photographs talking with store owner David Peppers. We'll go inside the store in coming days to show you an interior view. Have fun and keep puzzling!

"Pepper Gasolines" - Located Northwest of Nashville, Tennesse.

Corbin Photographer "Jim Begley" and American country and bluegrass singer "Ricky Skaggs"

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