New Product Reveal: An Inside Look At Our Eggcellent Puzzle Designs

While “The Battle of Cowpens” was officially our first puzzle design, in August of 2020 we decided to make more than just the one puzzle, and we began hunting for future images. We wanted 12 additional images. Our goal was to find artwork outside the norms of standard puzzles that existed in the market already. We had two other folks looking for designs – brand managers Trent Knuckles and Jason Haynes.

Jason plumbed the depths of the Library of Congress, while Trent reached out to local artists, and these formed two of our puzzle collections - Oodles of Puzzles and Depot Street. Jason found fantastic collections of images. He proposed porcelain vases, teapots, antique watches, fish, baseball cards, butterflies … but the one we loved the most was the decorative eggs design. These images started as a design book from the 1800s, and Jason manipulated the images into this unique egg shape.

"Decorative Eggs" 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This idea will be revisited soon with our upcoming puzzle called “Van Gogh Eggs" done by the talented Nichole Balsey with help from the classical artistic master Vincent Van Gogh!

Jason also shepherded four other designs, 100% Chance of Gummy Bears, Teapot Collection, Antique Watches, and A Passion for Porcelain. Next week we’ll delve into the beginnings of our Depot Street collection. Thanks for reading!

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