Have 'Oodles' of Fun This Holiday Season with Mchezo's Oodles Line of Jigsaw Puzzles

Thanksgiving is over, and we are now in the home stretch of the holiday shopping season. Time is ticking away, and your window of opportunity to find that perfect gift is closing with each passing moment. 

But, never fear! We here at Mchezo have you covered with our wide selection of high-quality 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle products. With five unique brands under the Mchezo banner there is truly something for everyone, but in this post we will be looking specifically at Oodles, which currently features five designs that are sure to please longtime puzzlers and new fans alike.

Mchezo’s Oodles brand includes Decorative Eggs, Antique Watches, Teapot Collection, A Passion for Porcelain and 100 Percent Chance of Gummy Bears. Coming soon will be our newest design – Van Gogh Eggs.

Trust us, you do not have to be an antique enthusiast to thoroughly enjoy puzzles like Antique Watches, Teapot Collection and Passion for Porcelain. All three of these designs make for perfect puzzles, each featuring a collection of several different images that can be treated like a series of mini puzzles.

Take Teapot Collection for example. You might begin by sorting pieces into piles based on the 28 individual, and distinctly different, teapots that can be seen in the puzzle image. Then you might go about constructing each of those 28 teapots one-by-one, leading up to figuring out how they all fit together to finally complete to full image.

When you think about it, that’s nearly 30 puzzles for the price of one… Talk about a great value!

Meanwhile, the bright colors and tasty subject matter in 100 Percent Gummy Bears make it an all-around fun puzzle to put together and display, and there is so much to look at in our two egg designs that you could literally spend hours appreciating them once they have been put together.

So, do you still have people to buy for? Do you know someone who seems to have everything, and you’re struggling to decide what to get them? Try an Oodles puzzle from Mchezo!

For more information, click here - https://mchezo.com/collections/oodles-puzzles.

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