Finding Pure Joy in Anti-Hate City

One of the joys of being the brand manager of a puzzle company, is sometimes I can grab a puzzle to do at the house. Because I’m directing the choice of images, I’m usually pretty happy with the puzzle I grab!

My latest puzzle was Depot Street’s Anti Hate City by Josh Bunch. This colorful puzzle features a city image with various high-rises and a mix of folks hanging out in the windows. One of the strengths of this country is our melting pot conglomeration of nationalities, nowhere is this more obvious than our large cities. Travel a block in New York and you can see people from around the world, and realize that for the most part people are people, and we have a lot more in common than we realize. I’m happy that we produced this puzzle, because not only is the image important, but it is an entertaining puzzle to put together!

I decided to crack this open on a Thursday night after work.  My first step for any puzzle, flip over the pieces!  As I flip, I sort out the edges. The edges went together pretty quick, but I was missing a couple of pieces that didn’t get pulled during the great turnover. This is all I got done Thursday night.

Friday night was a busy time, so it was Saturday before I got back to the puzzle. It was time to figure out how I was going to tackle this puzzle. I originally was going to start on the Yellow buildings and street lamps, but decided to go for the orange bit first. This went together pretty well, as there was only one section of orange. 

I was running out of orange pieces, so it was time to tackle the next section, Yellow! The lamps were a different shade from the buildings, so these actually went together really quickly. You can see, I’m still missing two edge pieces! Where are those suckers?  I hope one of the cats didn’t grab them.


After The yellow section, I did the violet building on the edge, and then the red buildings. The last bit I did was the light blue buildings.The puzzle was flowing pretty well, very few pieces went back unplaced. I ran out of time on Saturday, so it looks like I’ll finish up on Sunday.

On Sunday I tackled the dark blue buildings and lastly worked on the connecting sections. The cats hadn’t run off with the edges, they were hiding in the great mass of unassembled pieces!

This puzzle was pure joy to work on. I had very few pieces that I had trouble finding where they went, and the coloring of the puzzle is such that even telling two similar color buildings apart wasn’t too challenging. I love our reference sheets, they are small enough to hold in a hand but large enough to show detail. I’m not sure what puzzle I’ll do next, I’m eyeing the Ed Beard piece, which we’ll get a production sample of in the next few weeks.  

If you’re looking for a summer puzzle that isn’t too hard and with a good message, Anti-Hate City is a great choice.

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