Did you buy a puzzle during COVID-19? It might have been made by this Kentucky company

Running a puzzle company is not as simple as putting a few good pieces together.

It’s about seeing the whole picture.

The Mchezo jigsaw puzzle company launched this fall, and now on any given day inside the old American Greetings building in Corbin, Kentucky, you can find a small team of designers hunched over the table putting their latest prototype together.

But it's not all fun and games. Not every image makes a good puzzle. 

They have to think creatively about not only what will encourage someone to buy the box, but also what will keep them interested enough to keep putting hundreds of pieces together. 

It's a puzzle that Jonathan Huston and his team have been solving since they entered the rapidly growing puzzle market in November. 

Puzzles had already been making a comeback before the coronavirus pandemic, Huston told me, but so many people turned to them to fight boredomin the spring when the country went into a collective lockdown.